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"Kauwila captures the spirit of Hawai'i in his recordings. Smooth and relaxing, Kauwila's music rests your mind and heart and takes you on a gentle journey through the tropical vibrations of the islands.

"Kauwila possesses a powerful voice, a command of Hawaiian vocals, and his soothing slack-key style flows perfectly with the lyrics of Hawaiian music."

"Thank you for the beautiful love songs on the CD. We...heard you sing (BEAUTIFUL)... I really enjoy your music." Diane

"Wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your CD... we listened to it... while travelling... What a great voice you have. Thank you so much!"
JoAnn, Illinois

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"FOR THE LOVE OF HAWAI'I...A Celebration of the Big Island of Hawai'i", is a joyful celebration of song from the Big Island of Hawai'i. This selection of vocal melodies are mostly about places on the Big Island. Two of the tracks (*) are originals by Kauwila. This CD was released for the Kona Coffee Festival, 2008, and includes some Hawaiian classics, "I Kona", "Hilo E", "Kamalani" and "Blue Hawai'i", along with some lively pieces, like "He'eia", about a surf spot in Kona. Also when you drive around the west side of the Big Island, towards Kohala, you can see the island of Maui. The song "Ahulili" is about a mountain peak on that island. "Aloha 'Oe", written by Queen Lili'uokalani, includes all three of the verses, and is sung in the melody as she originally composed it.

Kauwila's original songs on this CD are "Hele on to Big Island", written about all the different regions of the Big Island. The slack key instrumental, "Kai'olu Cricket Nighttime", was recorded late at night where Kauwila lives. The crickets added their special voices. Can you hear them?

TRACKS (click to listen to a 1-2 minute sample (note, opens new window)):

1. I Kona (acapella) 2. I Kona (vocal) 3. Hele on to Big Island* 4. Hilo E 5. Hilo Hanakahi 6. Ahulili 7. Kamalani 8. He'eia 9. Kai'olu Cricket Nighttime* 10. Blue Hawai'i 11. Aloha 'Oe
(10 vocals, 1 instrumental) (2 originals (*)) (56 min.)

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