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PLEASE NOTE: 1) CD stock is in short supply, and will be replaced by digital music (MP3s) when exhausted. 2) INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: as of 1-1-18, only digital music (MP3s) is available due to extreme USPS intl. shipping price increases. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome! E Komo Mai!

This is music that has come through my hands, voice, and guitar. From the heart, for the heart. Enjoy listening to the samples on each CD page. Purchase CDs here.

Kona Coffee Music CDs are instrumental celebrations of the world of Kona coffee (listen to a 6 minute sample). Kona Coffee Music was released at the 2007 festival, and Kona Coffee Music 2 at the 2010 40th Annual festival.

The music on these CDs takes you through the seasons of Kona coffee, from the sunrise over Holualoa, to the flowering of the trees ("Kona Snow"), growing and picking of the succulent Kona coffee cherries. You will dance with the Kona Nightingales (donkeys), walk through fragrant groves of 'awapuhi (yellow ginger), and at day's end, rest in the cooling ocean waters of Kai'olu, while listening to the gentle sound of Kona crickets and gazing at the enchanting Kona sunset.

View and purchase CDs and MP3s here. Aloha.

Kauwila...Hawaiian Vocalist & Slack Key Entertainer!

"Kauwila captures the spirit of Hawai'i in his recordings. Smooth and relaxing, Kauwila's music rests your mind and heart and takes you on a gentle journey through the tropical vibrations of the islands.

"Kauwila possesses a powerful voice, a command of Hawaiian vocals, and his soothing slack-key style flows perfectly with the lyrics of Hawaiian music."

Kauwila is one of the most well-known and approachable slack key artists in Kailua Kona. He learned to play slack-key guitar on the Wai'anae coast of O'ahu by listening to CDs and watching other slack key guitarists. He developed his current ki ho'alu style after moving to Kona in 1999. Inspired by such slack-key masters as Raymond Kane, Sonny Chillingworth, and John Keawe, his slack-key style mirrors the rhythms of old Hawai'i. When he plays slack-key and sings Hawaiian music, you hear the Spirit of the islands play and sing through him.

Kauwila possesses an astounding, powerful voice and a command of Hawaiian vocals. His soothing slack-key style flows perfectly with the melodies of Hawaiian music. He enjoys sharing the music of Hawai'i with all who listen. He shares the history and techniques of slack key guitar, and brings the spirit of aloha to everyone he meets. Kauwila has recorded 6 CDs. He performs regularly for weddings, parties, dinners, and other events on the Kona coast, and plays occasionally in downtown Kona, Keauhou, and Captain Cook.

Now Performing...

Special Performances & Events, 2012

  • August 25 (Sat.), 8-12, Keauhou Farmers Market
  • September 22 (Sat.), 8-12, Keauhou Farmers Market

Regular Performances & Events

  • Unity Church of Kona, first two Sundays each month, 10AM.
  • For a calendar of other upcoming events, click here.

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